Crime Stoppers Global Solutions has taken strides to fight Transnational Crime at the source. We focus on the crimes that affect every one of us on a global level. CSGS realized that by targeting the Balkan State transit routes where the criminal activity takes place, we can combat these crimes BEFORE they cross borders.

Citizens can now report criminal activity without fear of retribution. CSGS is leveraging wireless technology to encourage citizens to report criminal activity. Imagine what can be gained if we all work together! A ”Beta” test has demonstrated the concept can significantly impact Transnational Crime.

Presentation to the reception in Serbia

(07-15-2017 to 08-15-2017)

  • Human Trafficking - 6 Tips

  • Terrorism - 3 Tips

  • Drug Trafficking - 14 Tips

  • Weapons Trafficking - 0 Tips

  • Illicit Trade - 4 Tips

  • The Police

  • The Media

  • The Police Media Relations Units

  • The Public

Initial Statistics

L to R: Scott Sotebeer, PhD. CSGS; RS Police Director Darko Culum; James Fuda, CSGS Vice-Chairman; Asst. Police Chief Vlado Jovanic

Crime Stoppers Global Solutions has the Republic of Srpska’s full support for the Transnational Crime Initiative. We look forward to combating International crime together.

“Police Director Darko Culum”