Cyber-crimes are crimes that involve a computer and the Internet.  Cybercrimes can affect any location in the world and be launched from any location.  Unlike traditional crimes where the perpetrator must be in a location near the victims, cyber-crimes have no boundaries.  A report sponsored by McAfee estimates the annual 

damage to the economy is $445 Billion. Another study estimates the damage from cybercrime in 2019 could be as high as $2.1 trillion.


Since cyber-crimes have no boundaries, tips related to potential cyber-crimes should be handled by an international organization such as Crime Stoppers Global Solutions.


The major types of cyber-crimes we focus on are:


  • Financial fraud crimes

  • Cyber-terrorism

  • Cyber-extortion

  • Cyber-warfare

  • Online harassment.


The goal of Crime Stoppers Global Solutions is to provide people with a method for anonymously reporting cyber-crimes and have a method to direct the tips to the right jurisdiction and stakeholders.