Greg MacAleese
Board Advisor

Greg MacAleese is the creator and founder of Crime Stoppers. Greg was named the 1977 National Police Officer of the Year by the International Association of Chiefs of Police for his role in developing Crime Stoppers. In 1984, Esquire Magazine named MacAleese as one of the people under the age of 40 who had "Changed The Face of America." After taking a leave of absence from the Albuquerque Police Department, MacAleese went on to become Executive Director of the New Mexico Crime Stoppers Commission, as well as Project Coordinator of the Texas Crime Stoppers Advisory Council, and later headed the Greater Dallas Crime Commission.


Greg is retired and lives in the Philippines. MacAleese recently co-authored the book "Crime Stoppers: The Inside Story", which is a definitive history of the early days of Crime Stoppers.