Crime can't solve itself.

We must assist those TASKED to solve crime by providing

information to make our world a safer place

Assisting people to live safer lives by reducing crime and the fear of crime. By taking anonymous Transnational Crime tips from around the globe, CSGS relays that information to trusted Law Enforcement partners. Whether the crime is dealing with human trafficking, terrorism, illicit trade, drug smuggling, or illegal arms dealing, the key factor will be protecting the identity of the informant.   


The concept follows a proven formula which involves incorporating wireless technology such as cell phones and partnering with Trusted Law Enforcement leaders who want to solve these types of crimes, the Media and the Public, to combat the transnational crimes we are focusing on at CSGS. We work with honest law enforcement partners who will evaluate, investigate, and follow through on those tips that may ultimately lead to arrests and convictions. It has been proven over and over that the public often has the best information about the crimes and criminals in their community. Without the fear of retaliation, citizen-generated tips can lead to the arrest and conviction of the worst criminals. Anonymous tips from citizens who have information are what make this program work. 


To help educate the community, public service announcements (PSA’s) about Transnational Crimes will educate and encourage the Public to submit ANONYMOUS criminal tips to Crime Stoppers Global Solutions (CSGS). CSGS will then evaluate, prioritize, and forward those tips to Trusted Law Enforcement partners in the appropriate country/jurisdiction where the illegal activity is taking place. If an arrest and charge of a suspect is credited to the information submitted by the Tipster, then that informant will receive a monetary reward of US $1000.  

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