Jim’s background includes a 33-year distinguished law enforcement career, with more than 15 years as a Special Operations Commander. In his tenure, his talents were utilized as a Hostage Negotiations Team Commander, Major Event Security Planner/Liaison, Dignitary Protection Coordinator, Marine Unit Commander, and Physical Security Specialist. In this time, he was also responsible for policy and procedural development for “Y2K”,   Critical Incident Response Operations, Marine Unit Operations, and Courthouse Security Operations. Operationally, Jim responded to more than 300 Hostage/Barricade situations from 1982 until 2006 and is responsible for saving numerous lives.


Jim’s skill and experience were utilized as a key security organizer/liaison for the 1990 Goodwill Games, the 1996 Asian Pacific Economic Conference, and the 1999 World Trade Organization Conference. Because of his expertise, he was a key participant as a consultant to Dartmouth University in preparing bio-terrorism “virtual reality” terrorist training for Police, Fire, and EMS personnel geared to the “First Responder”.


Internationally, Jim has worked as a Police and Military consultant/trainer for the US Dept. of Justice in Indonesia, Pakistan and Bosnia. He was formidable in tailoring democratic policing training material to the particular environment, thus making the experience more relevant to the student. Because of his work in this arena, he was hired as the Sr. Executive Advisor to the Minister of the Interior in the Republic of Srpska to help foster a positive working environment in post-war Bosnia. Jim also teaches Active Shooter Response, Critical Incident Management and Anti-Terrorist Operations for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and is recognized for developing current curriculum geared towards First Responders as well as Commanders.


Jim also has experience in the Corporate Sector as the Global Event Security Director for Microsoft where he was responsible for securing all Microsoft events worldwide, having direct reports in Seattle, London and Singapore. 


Jim is now the Director of Law Enforcement Services for Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound and has positive results in building trusting relationships between the public, the Police and the media in an effort to create a much community environment by sharing information, providing training and apprehending criminals. Currently, Jim is working on a Transnational Initiative, which is a 4-country cooperative alliance to combat Human Trafficking, Terrorism, Illicit Trade, Narcotics Trafficking, Illegal Arms Dealing and Corruption. The project involves trusted Police partners from Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia where Crime Stoppers will introduce the P3 APP that allows citizens to report crime anonymously without fear of retribution.


In addition, Jim has partnered as a consultant with USA Strategics, a company focused on facilitating partnerships in various forms of government. By working closely together at all levels, government can provide better services to the public in the most cost-effective manner.


Jim has written many articles in the Police/Security arena, to include “Trigger Point-The Moment of Truth”, ‘A Mumbai in America…Are We Better Prepared” and, most recently, “Police Collaboration: Low Frequency/High Cost Services” to name just a few.


In a nutshell, Jim is a dynamic leader who has a proven track record in the law enforcement/training/security arenas. He has the unique capacity for building positive relationships and creating a ‘win-win” environment to meet the needs and requirements of all parties involved.