Joel Vargas, JD
Board Advisor

Security Consultant & Researcher

Head of the National Security, Intelligence, Community Policing Programs (Best Practices and Development) Research, Border Security, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism, Special Contingency Risks, Political Strategy for Latin American Countries, and Transportation Security.

Currently engaged in a project researching Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR’s), Correspondent Banking Relationships (CBR’s), and how a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) can be outsourced/hired when the bank is unable to build its own FIU. This project is geared to build a program to combat Transnational Crime and Terrorism Funding.


In my own words: “My only goal is to make communities and the world safe and produce transformation in these places experiencing war and crime. I believe war and violence are not community builders… we must focus on the people to obtain the benefits of safety and security by transforming people first.” 

Director Vargas is a Latin American intelligence specialist and political adviser with over 20 years experience. While his focus is in the public sector working for clients, he also undertakes security planning and risk management work for private clients.

Director Vargas created a Community Policing Program that can reduce crime by half in one year. The project in the Village of Bensenville, Illinois has been producing significant research in terms of Inclusion, Outreach, and Crime Prevention and how they integrate into a holistic policing approach.

Director Vargas is also the liaison/Coordinator for the ORD Airport Watch Program with the FBI, DHS, TSA, Chicago Police Department, Chicago Department of Aviation, and the Air Marshall Service. Director Vargas liaison for the International Airport Watch Association (IAWA), as well as Borderpol.

Since September 2012 (Term: 2012-2015), Director Vargas holds the post of Assistant Director for Law Enforcement Operations and Head of Intelligence for the International Association of Airport and Seaport Police (InterPort Police). Since 2012, Director Vargas has been producing intelligence briefings regarding transportation security (focus in airports, seaports, and metropolitan passenger transportation), border security, migration,  and maritime security, terrorism, counterterrorism, and transnational crime.

Since 2012, Director Vargas manages intelligence analysts from around the world and implemented best practices for Tier II Subject Matter Expert Intelligence Product. Director Vargas has produced research in the area of Insider Threats to Transportation and counterintelligence research for officers and personnel in the US/Mexico border. Programs available upon request. On 2016, Director Vargas took for one year the position of Director of Criminal Intelligence for InterPort Police for the year of 2016.

Director Vargas also serves as adviser for the Organization of American States (OAS) in the area of Transportation Security & Terrorism, works closely with the European Union (EU) in transportation security, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Europol, and serves as adviser to nongovernment organizations operating in Latin America fighting for human rights, rights of indigenous people, and security issues.

In the last few years after the falling of several governments in the Arab Springs in MENA, Director Vargas published a paper addressing the Impact of Social Media to the Intelligence Community. This was Unclassified. Several other papers are available and produced to improve intelligence analysis, collection, and intelligence sharing. The product is shared with the Open Source Enterprise AKA as Open Source Center (OSC) as well as the platform used by InterPort Police.