Michael Gordon-Gibson
Board Advisor

Michael is a former supervising Detective who worked mainly within Scotland Yard’s Intelligence Command of London’s Metropolitan Police. He left the police in February 2009 upon completion of thirty years service.


He was immediately employed by Crime Stoppers, a crime-fighting organisation within the UK charity sector where he held the roles of Head of Contact Bureau and Head of Operations.


Michael was elected, in 2004, to the Crime Stoppers International (CSI) Board of as a Director of the European Crime Stoppers Region. He was elected as CSI Vice-President in 2006 joining the CSI Executive Committee and in 2010 was elected as Global President serving a two-year term. Michael was responsible for CSI Law Enforcement & Interpol liaison.


In 2013, he was invited to join Facewatch Ltd, a fast-growing private company based in central London, as Director of Policing. Facewatch is at the forefront of supporting UK law enforcement and the business community in relation to crime reporting and facial recognition. In 2015 Michael was appointed as Managing Director until his second retirement in 2017.


Michael is currently a private consultant to a number of businesses in the UK and abroad.




Michael joined the London Metropolitan Police Service in 1979 and held varied operational uniformed and plain-clothes posts across the UK’s capital city.  His background is in criminal intelligence.  An early role as a local intelligence officer in challenging areas of East London involved disrupting criminal activity by the use of confidential intelligence sources or ‘Informants’.  In 1999, Upon promotion Michael was posted to a Murder Investigation Team, investigating contract shootings in South London involving the criminal underworld.  In 2001 Michael was posted to police HQ at Scotland Yard and appointed to the role of London Crimestoppers coordinator where he also held a role as a member of Scotland Yard’s kidnap negotiator cadre dealing directly with the capture of evidence involving the hostage takers. He is also a trained kidnap central control commander responsible for the synchronous communications between the hostage negotiator and the surveillance, technical support and firearms teams.


The Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis commended Michael in 1996 for the investigation and successful prosecution of a major paedophile who was operating throughout the UK and the USA.