Scott Sotebeer, Ph.D.
Exec. Board Member

Scott is the founder and CEO of USA Strategics, a Leadership and Change Management Consulting Company located in Seattle, WA.  


As the highest ranking civilian executive in the King County Sheriff’s Office, Dr. Scott Sotebeer was a direct influence in the successful build out of the contracting and police services partnership program for over 12 years. His change management strategies included a regional facilities integration policy initiative that saved the county and   contract partners millions annually, preserving police jobs, and improving the presence and quality of police service in the region.


Scott’s federal affairs engagement brought in over $50 million dollars in grants and direct appropriations, including UASI funding for a $5 million regional rescue/homeland security helicopter. He was appointed to work on policy development for then-Vice President Gore’s SafeCities Coalition, Project Safe Neighborhoods, and the National Meth Training and Technical Assistance Center. He was instrumental in developing Title IV legislation that increased funding for school resource officers, and legislation designed to eliminate the federal exclusions related to managing non-violent, mentally ill offenders in America’s local jails.


Scott has a PhD in Applied Management & Decision Sciences, specializing in Leadership and Organizational Change and has done groundbreaking research on absenteeism and turnover in America’s 911 Call Centers. Scott has       an extensive private sector background in marketing communications and management consulting for national  and international Fortune 100 clients, including the Walt Disney Company and ESPN. He currently works with 911 call centers in the King County region.