Terrorism has effects on our Society, Travel and Tourism, Human Rights and the Global Economy.  Terrorism can be planned from a foreign country or home grown locally.  The factors that influence those involved are varying.  People can be influenced by an act of a government or an ideology of a local or foreign group.  There are always signs and the citizenry of each and every country should be alert for changes that could identify the planning of a terrorist attack.  Some of the recognized signs are:

  • Covert surveillance - Terrorists gather information about a potential target when planning an attack.

  • Elicitation - Elicitation is the use of ordinary communications methods in order to gain sensitive information.

  • Stockpiling - If you notice someone you know, or someone who comes into a store you frequent, is purchasing (or stealing) explosives, weapons, ammunition, or bomb-making materials, you may be witnessing a potential terrorist plot.