Arms Dealing is a problem in every nation and region on the globe. 


The main sources of illegal weapons are:

  • the reactivation of neutralized weapons

  • burglaries and thefts

  • embezzlement of legal arms

  • selling of legal arms on the illegal market

  • reactivation of decommissioned army or police firearms

  • conversion of gas pistols


In Europe, the weapons and organized criminal groups involved in weapons trafficking primarily originate from the Western Balkans (the weapons will typically have been held illegally after recent conflicts in the area) and the former Soviet Union. Outlaw motorcycle gangs are also involved in the trafficking of weapons, and already have chapters in the Western Balkans. Organized criminal groups use existing criminal routes to traffic weapons. 

In the United States an estimated 2,000 weapons illegally enter Mexico from the United States every day. The report says 85 percent of the approximately 15 million weapons that are in circulation in Mexico are illegal.

These are just two examples of an ever increasing problem.