CSGS works in areas where we have on-the-ground expertise, a deep commitment of the issues we care about and strong ties to the countries in which we make a difference.  We know the value of having Trusted Law Enforcement partners based in key regions – to help foster relationships with like-minded organizations, governments, law enforcement and the media to better understand the areas and, at the same time, remain culturally sensitive. 


CSGS has been launched and tested in Southwestern Europe along the “Balkan Route”—the most notorious transnational crime highway in the world. What does it mean?

  • The Balkan pilot project in 2017 demonstrated that the program can be effective in gaining citizen support and involvement in high risk regions (Balkan Route).

  • Historically, as crimes are solved, the public becomes increasingly engaged in reporting crime tips. Financial reward is a positive reinforcement that becomes grass roots and now a viral phenomenon because of the use of wireless communications and social media.

  • With the introduction of a mobile app, crime tips have tripled in the US where it has been introduced– and arrests have also increased significantly.

  • Even the poorest countries have wireless communications and cell phones—it is the primary global connector. 

  • The human appeal and motivation to participate is anchored in the key promise: anonymity. It has been proven effective for over 40 years.